La Citadelle de Marseille’s missio is to place an artistic approach at the heart of all of its projects and actions.

Since September 2022, several artists have been inspired by the tangible, intangible and living heritage of La Citadelle de Marseille, by its users and the projects it carries out – alone and with its partners- to carry out research, creation and production residencies on the question of the role that heritage can play in the construction of a plural and active citizenship.


Louise Nicollon des Abbayes

Louise Nicollon des Abbayes crosses registers and tools of an understanding of the contemporary landscape. Using research in ceramics, sculpture, photography and investigation, she imagines and experiences transdisciplinary and collaborative processes that are as many ways of investing, analyzing and commenting on a territory as they are of renewing its formats of artistic representation. 

She studied at the fine arts school of Nantes and in Urban design at IUAR of Aix Marseille, worked with architects, landscape designers and designers and exhibited at the Mac Val (2008), at the Beppu Biennial of Contemporary Art, Japan (2010), at the 46 gallery in Rennes (2012), at Instants Chavirés (2015), at the Déviation (2020) and at the Friche Belle de Mai in 2022. She has worked with Marion Camy Palou, Romain Teule, Michel Aubry on pieces exploring body, architecture and landscape.

Note of intent

At La Citadelle de Marseille, she installed her ceramic workshop for a period of three months. Alongside the various actors, production workshops and research laboratories present on the site, she transposes the modes of scientific, anthropological and plastic investigations associated with a personal practice of ceramics, experimented in particular on the materiality of the industrial landscapes of Marseilles, and opens them to the singularity of the site, whilst asking herself the following questions:

What to do with polluted soils
How to capture the memory of a site?
How to orient oneself in this complex place?
How to represent the landscape?
What is heritage?
How to answer these questions and make a project together?

Each step of the research (exploration, collection, experimentation, modeling, enamel making, …) will lead to workshops open to the practice with the formal objective of making together a ceramic model of the site and its memory, in the manner of an orientation table.

Eve Nnaji

Eve Nnaji is an Architectural Designer that grew up in Houston, Texas and is currently practicing in Lagos, Nigeria, her country of origin. 

She is the founder of ADD.apt, a practice that utilizes architecture, design, and data as a tool to bridge environmental consciousness with urban-societal development. She is also the founder of Even Designed, a brand that uses her architectural approach to create products and designs expressive of her current state of being. Her research interests include urban flood mitigation strategies, design solutions for developing communities, biological fabrication methods, and material intelligence. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from University of Texas A&M and a Master in Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Advanced Architecture, Catalonia. 

Her publications include Strange is Better: An Effort to Biologically Convert Polystyrene Into Organic Matter Using Mealworms (Creative Food Cycles, 2020) and Water We Talking About? (RESPONSIVE CITIES: DESIGN WITH NATURE SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS, 2021).