La Citadelle de Marseille, an open-air laboratory

As an open-air laboratory, La Citadelle de Marseille is a center for experimentation in all forms of creation: business creation, artistic creation and scientific creation.

Heritage and digital arts

How can a heritage that is difficult to access be propelled into the hectic life of a large city?  How to make its stones, sometimes hollowed out by time, resonate with the heartbeats of neighbors, visitors and occupants?  

The creation of digital works by artists, whether they are inspired by the heritage or have the aim of enhancing it, is essential today to make the experience of visitors stronger. In 2023, La Citadelle de Marseille will host a structure to support companies wishing to devote themselves to the enhancement of heritage through digital arts. 

An artist residency in digital creation will start in 2022. The artist will use La Citadelle as his or her research, creation and production space, and will present his or her work to the general public during meetings to be arranged together. A first meeting has been scheduled for September 2022 around a panel discussion opened to all, at La Citadelle de Marseille, to prefigure together the needs of this field of excellence.

Relive the round table of September 22, 2022 « Valuing heritage through digital arts

Relive the round table of 22 September 2022 «Heritage enhancement through digital arts»

The presentations of the speakers of the round table 1

The presentations of the speakers of the round table 2

The presentations of the speakers of the round table 3