Le nouveau site de la Citadelle de Marseille est en construction. Rendez-vous en 2024 pour le découvrir !


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A restored fort, a place to live and create with and for everyone

Key dates

The City of Marseille launches a call for projects for the management of Fort d'Entrecasteaux
Groupe SOS is designated the winner
A promise of lease is signed between the City of Marseille and the association La Citadelle de Marseille created ad hoc, member of Groupe SOS
Signature of a 40-year lease to the association La Citadelle de Marseille, which aims to restore the site in its entirety and open it to the general public, via a pre-established schedule.

Located in the heart of Marseille, the Fort d’Entrecasteaux, also known as « Fort Saint-Nicolas », will gradually open its doors to the public from spring 2024, until full access to the site in 2030.

The association managing the venue since December 2021 is carrying out its opening project as well as the restoration of the site, which has been classified as a historical monument since 1969. It will rely in particular on ACTA VISTA, an association that has been restoring the site for 20 years, thanks to workcamps and professional training.

The main objective of this project? To build a real place to live and create with and for everyone, in the respect of the values of inclusion and transmission that have been the basis of this project since its creation, as well as the ambitions in terms of culture, art and sustainable development.

La Citadelle of Marseille will rely on ACTA VISTA, an association that has been running a work camp on the site for the past 20 years, to ensure that the restoration is carried out according to the rules of the art.

The 4 dimensions of La Citadelle de Marseille at the Fort d’Entrecasteaux ?
Inclusion, Transmission, Culture and Sustainable Development.

Issues & dimensions

La Citadelle de Marseille is an association of Groupe SOS

Groupe SOS is a non-profit group of social purpose organizations. Born in 1984 in France, to achieve the SDGs, Groupe SOS gathers 650 facilities, associations and social businesses.
Europe’s leader in social and solidarity economy, the Group brings local expertise to co-build projects and institutional reforms with public and private partners.
We fight, engage and innovate to drive systemic change for the most vulnerable people, future generations and fragile territories, and count about 2 million direct beneficiaries in over 40 countries.